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Tips from the Brush!

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Sunday, October 1, 2017


Create a Customized Paint Roller

Dimensional Substrates and Treated Surfaces

Mixed Media Painting Demonstration Video Series using both 2D and 3D Techniques:

Journey of Experimentation:

When working outside the norm, it is important to begin with the right mindset and attitude. Check out my "Work as Play" excerpt from Experimental Painting in the above link and video below!

Living the Creative Life
Check out my two-part video interview with the fabulous Madeline Faiella of Maddy's Girlz!!! I discuss my work and life as an artist, sharing insights and experiences.

Check out the Videos:


The Art of Storytelling

Experimental Painting investigates exploratory methodologies, techniques and approaches in mixed-media art. Throughout the highly visual book, many exciting in-depth demonstrations are featured, documenting cutting-edge mixed -media painting processes from concept to final execution. To offer an extensive array of visually-stimulating possibilities for artists to explore, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques are covered in a range of subject matter. Conceptual and thematic approaches include using symbolism, metaphor and allegory, incorporating pluralism and non-linear storytelling, utilizing automatism and freeform painting and employing costuming, props and theatrical settings. Developing works both in multiples and in a series is also included. In addition, special sections on creative exploration detail the playful act of experimentation, utilizing alternative tools, materials and techniques. By delving into the myriad applications of mixed-media painting, the creative process is reignited, opening up a gateway for artistic works to grow and flourish.

To assist artists in venturing out on their own creative path with a unique voice and vision, topics on nurturing the creative spirit within, developing personal content through journalism, embracing a multidisciplinary mindset and creating message-driven art provide insight into the development of an artistic personality. The book closes with a chapter on creative self-promotion, revealing the latest marketing and presentation strategies for the working artist. 

Art Revolution is at the forefront in exploring alternative, innovative ways of conceptualizing and creating art that is on the cutting-edge. Throughout the highly visual book, insightful and thought-provoking profiles of leading artists and illustrators accompany stellar, multi-media work. The book also provides insight into the historical influences behind contemporary thinking and approaches, investigating the origins of alternative, unconventional picture making throughout the decades. In addition, exciting splash spreads featuring demonstrations and behind-the-scene looks at groundbreaking artists at work help shed light on signature processes and techniques. There is a rich amalgam of media available to creatives today, offering a wide range of possibilities for exploration and experimentation. Art Revolution reveals how alternative, mixed media aesthetics is uniting the disciplines of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, digital and new media art in inventive combinations. For those wanting to venture outside the norm, the book includes a directory of the manufacturers and suppliers used by the featured artists so that sources for materials, access to health and safety procedures and additional information on unconventional techniques and approaches are easily accessible. For artists that are looking for an edge, wanting to push their work further, this book is a valuable asset and ongoing source for inspiration.

This highly visual presentation takes the viewer on a fantastical artistic adventure! Utilizing innovative two-dimensional and three-dimensional mixed-media techniques, the webinar covers how to paint the fantastical figure in an imaginative environment. Topics include character development using props, costumes and models, employing theatrical color schemes, painting skin tones of fantastical beings in dramatic settings, drawing techniques, rendering patterned cloth, using hair to create form and movement and adding bas-relief details and assemblage embellishments. 

Bonus videos and other downloadable materials included! Exciting in-depth demonstrations shown in live action by the artist. Techniques such as building a signature surface with collage, texturing the painting ground in imaginative ways and working in bas-relief to create multidimensional accents provide an extensive array of visually-stimulating possibilities for artists to explore. Other bonus materials include downloadable articles, interviews, step-by-step demonstrations and more! Watch a preview below!

Figure of the Imagination: An Artist's Journey is an ongoing, labor of love project where I am pursuing my passion for all things fantastical, taking you along on the artistic adventure with me. From the preliminary concepts, sketches and the production of unique costuming, masks, headdresses and embellishments through to the final execution, you will witness my journey. This unique, behind-the-scenes access is only available through your generous support of my work on Patreon

In the World of Dreams & Nightmares
Check out my hybrid approach to storytelling using video, painted imagery and spoken prose. Here is a synopsis of the story:
"It's a time of immense change. What was once familiar is no longer. To make sense of the world collapsing around her, a young artist and writer escapes into the magical realm of her journals: a sacred place where dreams and nightmares come to call."

"A free-spirited mix of the conscious and subconscious, the journey of self-discovery exposes the inner workings of the mind, where imagination and everyday life experience are recast into an entirely new role."

All text, video and images are copyright 2017  Lisa L. Cyr of Cyr Studio LLC all rights reserved.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Living a Creative Life Video Interview!

Check out my recent two-part video interview with the fabulous Madeline Faiella of Maddy's Girlz!!! I discuss my work and life as an artist, sharing insights and experiences.

Check out the Videos:


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NEW WORKSHOP: Figure of the Imagination: Using Exploratory Processes to Create Imaginative Works!

with Lisa L. Cyr

8, 12 and 16 week formats available (3 hour sessions)

This highly-visual, hands-on workshop will explore drawing and painting the figure in imaginative, magical landscapes and environments using mixed-media techniques. From fantastical dreamscapes and realms to supernatural beings, winged guardians and underworld deities, works created in this workshop will transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

Topics will include the use of costuming, props, decorative motifs and ornamentation, cultural iconography architectural detail as well as drawing and painting the fantastical figure, altering and restructure facial features and body proportions to create believable fantastical characters. Exploration into mythology, legends, fairy tales and folklore will also be discussed. Throughout the workshop, many exciting in-depth demonstrations will be shown, providing an extensive array of visually-stimulating possibilities. Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional approaches will be shown, including employing alternative working grounds, using custom tools, toning the painting surface in imaginative ways, creating a tactile ground, building the visual architecture and utilizing innovative mixed-media techniques to create intriguing effects.

This class is for intermediate and advanced figurative artists who are interested in adding that magical, transforming element to their work! Sign-up to my mailing list for locations, dates and times!

"Within the artist’s personal narration, poetic visual tales of quests to worlds unknown evoke transcendental experiences for those who are willing to enter into the pictorial drama. 

Through the multilayered narrative, we journey to a world beyond, where the awakened subconscious leaves the viewer spellbound and wanting more." 

Lisa L. Cyr is an accomplished multidisciplinary artist and author with a content-driven approach. Her highly imaginative, fantasy-inspired works use layers of metaphor and allegory to stimulate curiosity, provoke thought and encourage further inspection. A poetic, rhythmic synthesis of drawing, painting, collage and assemblage, Cyr's visually tactile, mixed-media work is composed to collectively create a new reality with a more expressive, symbolic arrangement. The artist's expansive visual vernacular and innovative use of alternative materials and approaches transcends mere technique, creating a dynamic pictorial idiom that is not only multidimensional but also multi-sensual.

A graduate from The Massachusetts College of Art (BFA) and Syracuse University (MA), Cyr's artistic oeuvre has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in museums, galleries, universities and at industry organizations, including traveling shows with the Society of Illustrators of New York and Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines, books and online, including features in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art and Incite: the Best of Mixed Media and just to name a few. In addition, Cyr's art is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of American Illustration as well as in private collections.

The artist writes for many of the creative industry's leading art publications and has authored seven books on art and design, including the cutting-edge, mixed media best sellers entitled Experimental Painting and Art Revolution (North Light Books). In addition, Cyr speaks actively about successful promotional strategies, marketing opportunities and entrepreneurial endeavors for the creative industry and gives workshops on creating imaginative figurative art using innovative, mixed media techniques at professional organizations, universities and trade conferences. Her insightful, thought-provoking and highly visual lectures and workshops inform, inspire and motivate. She also teaches in several of the top MFA graduate programs across the country. An artist member of the Society of Illustrators in New York City, Cyr works in partnership with her husband Christopher Short, painter, 3D illustrator and animator.



American Institute of Graphic Arts
The Society of Illustrators, NYC
The Art Students League of NY
The National Illustration Conference
The Norman Rockwell Museum
Columbus Society of Communicating Arts
The Hartford Art School MFA Program
University of the Arts
The Artist Network University
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online
NH Creative Club
Pratt Institute
Parsons School of Design
Savannah College of Art and Design
Kendall College of Art and Design
Southern Utah University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Syracuse University
Sage College of Albany
Marywood University MFA Program
Kutztown University
New Jersey City University
The University of New Hampshire
The University of Kansas
Keene State College
Notre Dame College
NH Institute of Art
Rochester Institute of Technology
Delgado Community College
Sharon Arts Center
Northampton Community College
NYC Final Cut Pro
Rivier College
Notre Dame College
Hesser College

East Stroudsburg University 
Ohio Tourism Bureau 
Mohawk Valley Community College 
Shanghai Normal School Cultural Exchange

Speaker discussing contemporary issues that face women in illustration.
The Norman Rockwell Museum

CONVERSATIONS: Rochester Institute of Technology
Speaker on a panel entitled “Inventing New Careers”, 2002

Speaker discussing marketing and promotional strategies for illustrators.
Society of Illustrators, 2000

Speaker and moderator on a panel discussing illustration over the decades.
Society of Illustrators, 2001

Speaker on a panel entitled Teaching the Industry,1999
Acted as the official writer for the conference, generating several feature articles and reviews. (2001 and 2003)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Check out my Dreams & Nightmares Video!

My latest illustrated video entitled In the World of Dreams & Nightmares is now live! 

"It's a time of immense change. What was once familiar is no longer. To make sense of the world collapsing around her, a young artist and writer escapes into the magical realm of her journals: a sacred place where dreams and nightmares come to call."

A free-spirited mix of the conscious and subconscious, the journey of self-discovery exposes the workings of the mind, where imagination and everyday life experience are recast into an entirely new role. 

By amassing myself into the midst of other worldly places, I create a portal, transcending me back to a time when the creative spirit reigned in a vast and limitless field of dreams. In my world of the fantastic, supernatural beings, winged guardians and underworld deities coalesce in magical, epic dreamscapes, heavenly realms and timeless places. Adventurous quests to worlds beyond awaken my subconscious, leaving me spellbound and wanting more.

The illustrated video is part of an ongoing, labor of love project that I will be launching on Patreon by the end of the month. Your support will allow me to further my passion for all things fantastical, taking you along on the artistic adventure with me. From the preliminary concepts, sketches and the production of unique costuming, masks, headdresses and embellishments through to the final execution, you will witness my journey. This unique, behind-the-scenes access is only available through your generous support of my work on Patreon.

As the body of work grows, I plan on releasing signature, limited-edition books as well as videos with hybrid, multimedia approaches to storytelling throughout. In addition, illustrated sketchbooks of the work in series, note card sets, creative writing journals and inspirational calendars will also be created. I hope to someday have a major traveling exhibition of the work as a whole!

As an ongoing patron, you will not only receive special rewards but also VIP access to private openings, special discounts to newly released products and so much more! When certain goals are reached, I will have monthly group chats online, portfolio reviews, process and inspirational insight postings, technical tips and behind-the-scenes videos just to name a few.

I am very excited to go on this fantastical journey. Let’s do it together! Stay tuned for more details to come!

Join my mailing list!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Building a Market through the Web & Social Media

I will be doing a lecture on Building a Market through the Web & Social Media as part of an all day event with other speakers.

Date: December 3, 2016 1:00pm to 3:00pm 

LOCATION: New Hampshire Institute of Art, Fuller Hall, Digital Lab RM. 202, 156 Hanover St, Manchester, NH

Register Now! (Limited Seating) 

When it comes to building a world-wide market for their work, creatives are becoming much more entrepreneurial, venturing out with a content-driven approach to discover new pathways for their work to flourish and prosper. Throughout the highly visual lecture, topics such as making money through your website traffic and social media, establishing partnerships with affiliate programs, incorporating robust resources (e-zines, blogs, cell apps, podcasts, videos, live webinars, QR Code add-ons for print materials, etc.), using e-commerce shops for downloadable products and print-on-demand merchandise, introducing new media promotional strategies and building a consumer marketplace online. For creatives that want to capture an international audience, broaden their reach and expand their revenue stream, this lecture will be an insightful glimpse as to what is possible with new media.

Digital Identity Workshop Full Day

Digital Identity: Extending your Audience Through Image Creation and Design

December 3, 2016 9:00am-3:00pm

New Hampshire Institute of Art Fuller Hall, Digital Lab RM.202, 156 Hanover St. Manchester, NH.

In this one-day workshop we will cover methods for creating a smart, savvy and professional web presence. The morning will focus on producing images, and organizing and formatting them to fit a website. In the afternoon session, you will learn how to communicate through social media, marketing strategies, and website design. Participants will begin work on social media presence and learn about the importance of consistent branding. Bring images to work with, and any logos and content you have already created. Please also have a way to store digital media in mind be it a flash drive, Dropbox or other method.

The goal of this workshop is to help students, alumni and members create photographs of their artwork and learn some techniques for using the images on the web. Gary Samson, Photography Chairperson, will help attendees photograph one or two pieces of their artwork and will briefly go over various techniques for non-photographers to produce photographs of their work for social media and the web. Gary will do a short overview of how Lightroom can be used to manipulate images. NHIA Professor Mike Ariel will then be addressing how to label art work and use the SlideShow module inside Lightroom. He will demonstrate how to organize, create and export a finished slideshow. NHIA Professor Lisa Cyr will talk about creating websites and social media pages.

Creating and Manipulating Images for the Web
9:00am - 10:00am: Gary Samson, Photography of artwork and simple techniques to help non-photographers to photograph artwork

10:00am - 11:00am: Gary Samson, Overview of Lighroom

11:00am - Noon: Mike Ariel, Creating a Slideshow in Lightroom

Pizza Lunch
Noon - 1:00pm

Extending your Audience
1:00pm - 3:00pm: Lisa Cyr, Websites and Social Media

Please make sure to register for this event as seating is limited. Register Here:

Please RSVP through the event listing on Facebook if you would like to only attend the afternoon session:

This workshop is free for NHIA students, alumni and members using the discount code. The cost is $20.00 for the general public. For additional information please contact,

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Drawn to the Music Exhibition!

I will be in an upcoming exhibition at the Society of Illustrators in NYC called Drawn to the Music. My mixed-media work entitled  Mademoiselle du Carnaval
was inspired by the lyrics of Elysium, which was composed by ChloĆ© Charody  in 2008 and included in Charody’s circus opera The Carnival. Her musical inspiration for the piece came from the poetry of Charles Baudelaire. Every time I listen to the musical composition, I am so emotionally overcome by the pure beauty of the work. (Listen below)

Title: Mademoiselle du Carnaval
Artist: Lisa L. Cyr
Size: 12" x 9” x 1” 
Media: acrylic and mixed media 
Surface: Paper over panel with wooden framework

My work was originally commissioned by Acrylic Artist Magazine, where I discussed my inspiration from the opera and its music in addition to detailing my process in creating the piece. The titled of the article is called Arabesque: Dance of the Drawn, Dripped and Painted Line.

From the exhibition curated by Leslie Cober-Gentry: "Whether you Paint it Black as the Rolling Stones wrote it, Draw the Line as Aerosmith sang it (Hirschfeld illustrated their iconic cover), pay homage to Andy Warhol as Bowie played it, or a tribute to Picasso Baby as JZ rapped it, music has always been influenced by art and art by music."

At the conclusion of the exhibition, the show will travel to FTC The Warehouse/ StageOne music venue in Connecticut, where a second opening reception will take place, followed by a concert.